Veolia's Process Development Lab



Pioneering sustainable solutions for recovery and reuse

Below are excerpts from an interview with Romas Cesas, Veolia’s reclaim technical support manager, regarding the capabilities of Veolia’s process development (PD) lab.

About process development

“Process development is where we evaluate a chemical waste stream and determine a way to create a usable product from it. Once a usable product is developed, we then determine if the customer has any need for it internally, or if the product is suitable for sale to a third party.”

The process

“Veolia sales associates and product line managers seek out new customers and work with existing customers to offer solutions for any unidentified waste streams that may be repurposed. We will also evaluate any potential waste streams presented to us by our customers to determine the feasibility of recycling or reuse.

“Once a waste stream has been identified, the process development process begins at the receiving facility's lab.  In fact most PD samples never see the centralized lab as we have expertise at our four recycling facilities.  Waste streams requiring complex process solutions are sent to Lombard.  Here, we begin work in our centralized lab to formulate a step-by-step process for repurposing or recycling the waste.  This lab is extremely flexible and has unique equipment that allows us to recreate the capabilities of each of our four facilities. Working with our customer and the other Veolia recycling facilities, we can develop a process scheme adapted to the specific Veolia site that will service the customer.  This holistic approach ensures that the process can be completed both without the need to purchase new or additional equipment and at the most transportation efficient location.”

The results

“Not only are we able to reduce waste and promote sustainability, but we are also saving our customers a lot of money. There is a cost benefit to receiving reusable material back from your waste and either being able to repurpose it for a different product, or sell it to another company. This financial advantage is a strong driver of the program, but we also have to accomplish this goal to satisfy government regulations that promote environmentally friendly policies. It’s win-win for our customers and our planet.

“Veolia’s Process development works really well and has a very high success rate.  Everyone has realized the benefit of repurposing, reusing, or recycling waste streams, and our capabilities are only improving. Veolia has really supported this initiative, and as a result I have access to more resources and our process development is more powerful as a result.”

Romas Cesas
Reclaim Technical Support Manager