Veolia Teams Up with the Rooney Road Recycling Center

Disposing hazardous chemicals and electronics for residents

The Challenge - Hitting a Moving Target

“ The Rooney Road Recycling facility was created by, and serves, 9 governments within Jefferson County, Colorado and is available to collect household chemicals and electronics from all the residents and businesses within this area. When you have that many people and waste streams there are a lot of unknowns that can’t be accounted for. We never know what kind of waste people will be bringing in or when we will experience the highest volumes of drop off. It’s similar to hitting a moving target. Our waste disposal contractor must be able to handle any type of waste and any amount without a lot of notice.”

The Solution - Flexibility and Creativity

“Veolia is very flexible in meeting our needs and working with us to manage our waste stream. Our funding is limited, but Veolia is able to think creatively to help us use our budget to serve more people and dispose of more expensive items. They have also been great in helping us from the logistics side of collection.

“Our previous waste disposal partner sent us a lot of data, but we were kept in the dark on how things were being handled behind the scenes. We were also stuck with their procedures, and it was entirely up to them on how to collect fees on disposals. When Veolia came in, they worked with us directly to plan a system that met our needs. Within the first week, Veolia was able to set up a system where information could be recorded about the waste, determine the cost, and receive payment right from an iPad.”

The Results - Veolia’s Services are Excellent

“We just started working with Veolia in January, 2016, but things have been going very smoothly. The services Veolia provides are excellent, and they have been very flexible and willing to meet our needs first. It is truly a partnership between Veolia and Rooney Road, and they are a part of our team and not just another service provider.”
Chris Naber
Lead Co-Chair
Management Committee
Rooney Road Recycling Center

About Rooney Road Recycling Center

The Rooney Road Recycling Center provides residents and businesses of Jefferson County, Colorado a method to dispose of household chemicals and electronics. Close to 90% of the chemicals collected by Rooney Road are recycled and kept out of the environment in order to protect the local eco-system.

Veolia’s New Scheduling and Billing System

Veolia has partnered with the Square app to facilitate pickups and payment. With the app, residents can book appointments online, and employees can process payments on-site through an iPad. There is a link on the Rooney Road website where residents can book appointments online. It also provides information on fees, so the cost can be estimated before the drop-off occurs.

The app has allowed Veolia to set up a system for Rooney Road to record the information about the waste coming in and determine the cost for disposal quickly and easily. At the end of the week, a report is run to identify the waste that was processed, by volume and type. This information can now be provided to our client  Rooney Road Recycling Center within minutes.