Veolia North America - Environmental Policy Statement

As the global leader in optimized resource management providing solutions in water, waste and energy management, Veolia North America is committed to sustainable development and environmental stewardship. Serving municipal, commercial and industrial customers throughout North America, our environmental policy reflects our responsibility and our challenge toward “Resourcing the World” – reinforcing our unique ability to support an interconnected world with limited resources and growing needs.

Environmental compliance and preservation is a commitment shared by all employees at all levels of the organization and as such, is a condition of employment.

We commit to maintain compliance with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and contractual requirements.

We utilize policies, procedures, standards and systems to ensure proper management of our environmental aspects and impacts to reduce and control pollution and to meet our continual improvement expectation.

We operate under the premise that sustainability is about continuing to grow and prosper while preserving natural resources. This includes being selective in our choice of products, processes and services to ensure that our supply chain reflects our commitment to sustainability. We embrace continual improvement and when safer and more environmentally sound methods are identified, we will move promptly to adopt these practices in a responsible manner whenever possible.

We ensure our employees receive necessary and required training regarding relevant environmental matters and activities. We promote a heightened level of awareness at all times and a culture of inclusion for proposing, setting and achieving our environmental and sustainability goals, objectives and targets.

We communicate our environmental commitment to our employees, customers, industry associates, suppliers and the general public.

We count on your commitment, support and involvement.