The University of Tennessee Turns to Veolia's Experts for Hazardous Waste Disposal

Disposing of hazardous chemical waste

The Challenge

The University of Tennessee has over 600 laboratory facilities spread across its campus that provide diagnostic services and conduct research and development in a wide range of disciplines. From their renowned veterinary medical center, to their Quality Milk Laboratory, the University’s studies help many types of businesses that range from local Tennessee farmers to companies located throughout the U.S. Because the research could involve almost any chemicals, the University needed a hazardous waste disposal team that would assure regulatory compliance.  They turned to Veolia.

The Solution

“Veolia is our primary hazardous waste disposal company,” says Steve Crouch, senior environmental coordinator for the University of Tennessee. “Through a public bidding process, we were able to carefully evaluate the quality and cost effectiveness of their services. It was an easy choice.”

Once Veolia had been selected for the contract, they went right to work helping the campus manage its hazardous waste. But the service Veolia provides goes beyond simple waste disposal, says Crouch. “They also perform lab pack services during laboratory chemical cleanouts and transport chemicals when labs are relocated to new facilities.  Occasionally we will have some highly hazardous wastes that will require their reactive teams to come out with specialized equipment and handle the chemicals remotely. Whatever we need from them, they are there.”

Crouch also appreciates Veolia’s flexibility and professionalism. “They always accommodate us and work around our schedule. Veolia’s electronic system allows for easy access to waste records, which makes compiling reports a breeze. Their efficiency and professionalism is unmatched in my experience.”

The Results

Crouch doesn’t mince words when talking about the impact Veolia has had on their operations. “In my 15 years in waste management, I have never worked with a company as efficient as Veolia. They have completed lab cleanouts in hours when it would have taken another company days. They are very professional in everything that they do, and they never compromise safety or compliance. I know that the work they do is right every time.“

Crouch’s respect for Veolia goes beyond just the basic services they provide. “Veolia provides excellent customer service. I have really enjoyed their efficiency and professionalism. I’ve even developed friendships with the Veolia team, and I can honestly say they are a good bunch of guys to work with. This was a win-win for us. Veolia won the competitive bid, and they ended up being a great provider.”

Steve Crouch
Senior Environmental Coordinator
University of Tennessee