Steam Safety Tips


Ensuring the highest levels of steam safety and reliability

Today, our innovative district energy systems in North America supply heating and cooling to several major central business districts.  The majority of our districts are served by cogenerated “Green Steam” - an innovative and efficient environmental solution that recycles thermal energy and avoids carbon emissions.   As one of the greenest forms of energy available, steam is also safe, when used properly. To ensure safe and reliable steam system operation, use caution and follow these steam safety tips.  

Understanding condensate build-up

Condensate build-up in your steam system can cause serious property damage and personal injury. Steam pressure fluctuations can propel the condensate, which is called water hammer. Water traveling at high velocity can cause damage to piping and machinery. If you hear any unusual noises coming from your steam system, please contact Veolia for a site visit to identify the reason. 

CAUTION: Never open the first valve on your steam line!

The first steam valve can only be opened or operated by Veolia technicians

You can close the first valve in an emergency, but please contact Veolia immediately to reopen it

Improper opening or closing procedures can damage your system

Vapor conditions and steam leaks

  • Steam leaks can occur. Street level vapor conditions which may appear to be steam leaks are commonly attributed to rain or groundwater coming in contact with a higher temperature steam pipe.
  • In either instance, if you notice what appears to be a steam leak or water vapor condition within your building or on the street, please play it safe. Contact Veolia directly and let our trained professionals address and resolve the situation. 

Contact your Veolia account manager or our customer service team 24/7 with any concerns or to review your steam system!