Solutions for Refiners Running Alkylation Units

Veolia North America offers a broad service portfolio to support the environmental management needs of refineries across North America. Our capabilities include industrial cleaning and maintenance, hazardous and regulated waste and resource management, and technology-driven solutions for processing, treating and recovering industrial water and wastewater.  With the purchase of Chemours' Sulfur Product division assets, Veolia's regeneration services capabilities have expanded to include sulfuric acid regeneration (SAR) and sulfur gas recovery (SGR). 

Routine and turnaround-based industrial cleaning solutions

Veolia North America has site-based industrial cleaning and maintenance teams dedicated to hundreds of customer sites.  These teams report each day to our customer’s site and perform routine and turnaround cleaning and maintenance work. Our site-based teams are led by experienced supervisors who serve as your primary point of contact for all projects. These supervisors are backed by dedicated, cross-trained crews of craft employees. All of Veolia’s field employees receive extensive operational, safety and competency training in our core services capabilities and our Touch Free technologies portfolio.

Our reliable, cost-effective services integrate solutions from across our business to manage complex turnaround projects. As always, these Veolia services are provided by professionally-trained experts who excel in specific areas of our business. Regardless of the scale of the challenge, Veolia will work with you to tailor solutions to meet your organization’s goals and to help you meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

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Chemical cleaning services

We have more than 30 years of experience in the reactive and non-reactive chemical cleaning of industrial process equipment.  We have successfully completed numerous “total” unit cleaning projects for refiners, including alkylation units, crude units and quench oil system degassing and decontamination. We also have extensive experience with chemically cleaning process equipment like boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, pipelines, cooling water systems, lube oil systems, reactors and towers. With our comprehensive capabilities, backed by our highly qualified and experienced team, customized equipment and innovative cleaning methods, Veolia can become your “single source” for chemical cleaning solutions.

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KOH processing services

Recovering valuable byproducts and recycling materials that would otherwise be discarded as wastes, while meeting ever-stringent environmental requirements, is a critical strategy in driving the industrial circular economy. Veolia’s potassium hydroxide (KOH) processing and manufacturing facilities provide a reliable source of KOH for industrial users, including petroleum refiners running HF alkylation units.

From two merchant KOH processing facilities in the Gulf Coast, and other dedicated plants located at customer sites, Veolia’s proprietary technology and its operational expertise are applied to manufacture KOH, using potassium fluoride (KF) as a feedstock. Under applicable regulations, when the KF is properly used in this manner, it is no longer considered a waste. 

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Sulfuric acid regeneration (SAR) services

Veolia provides spent sulfuric acid regeneration (SAR) services to the downstream oil & gas sector. As alkylate capacity expands, regenerating spent sulfuric has become increasingly important to refiners that use sulfuric acid as the catalyst in their alkylation units. Our regeneration capabilities allow us to safely and reliably convert spent sulfuric acid into the fresh, commercial quality sulfuric acid that our customers require to keep their refineries running at optimal performance.

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Sulfuric gas recovery (SGR) services

Veolia provides sulfur gas recovery (SGR) solutions for refining operations that provide improved flexibility, reliability and environmental performance compared to the classic refinery sulfur management system, like Claus Off-gas Treatment. Frequently, our SGR services are provided in conjuction with sulfuric acid regeneration (SAR) services for a total sulfur management solution.

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Vacuum truck services and VOC emission management

Collecting and disposing of waste of differing forms, such as liquids, sludges and wet or dry solids can be a major obstacle, unless you partner with an expert like Veolia. We operate the largest and most diverse fleet of wet and dry vacuum trucks and equipment in the industry. We can remove a wide variety of materials with differing viscosities and densities from tanks, vessels, water treatment ponds, basins, sewers and drains.

Veolia North America utilizes the best available control technology for VOC management to ensure environmental compliance, enhance safety performance and deliver cost-effective services.  Our positive displacement pump vacuum trucks eliminate the need for expensive active carbon or liquid scrubber pollution reduction systems. 

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"Veolia recently completed chemical cleaning work on our HF Alkylation unit. The pre-shutdown planning was done very well and their engineers/planning  cooperated fully with our process and corrosion engineers. Afterwards, we found the equipment to be exceptionally clean."Turnaround Manager from a major refiner with worldwide operations