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"I've been with Veolia North America, or an affiliated company, for more than nine years. As an environmental, health and safety manager, I bridge the company needs into workable solutions. I recognize environmental trends and translate present and future regulations into cost-efficient, effective programs within Veolia North America.

Veolia has given me opportunities to take additional training, and I participated in the U.S. Technical Advisory Team for the ISO 50001 standard. And Veolia's environment is one of teamwork and common drive. I really like that folks are approachable and open to help you. I work in California and the headquarters is in Boston, so the management trusts me to do my job.

One of my favorite career highlights was working on the Hickory Meadows landfill gas-to-electricity LEED certification project. Veolia allowed me to pursue and receive my LEED AP certificate, and now I am able to put my new knowledge to work and assist on the certification for this site. The executive committee has asked me to create a two-hour presentation on the topic, and I am excited to share my knowledge about the process, and how LEED can grow the Veolia bottom line."


"When I interviewed, I spoke with a few Veolia employees, and they all had positive things to say about the company. I did my own research, and I felt like this was the place I would like to work: good benefits, great city to live in, and a complete team environment. Plus, it's an organization with unlimited potential.

I am a steam service mechanic. My partner and I are responsible for a steam distribution system. I work with a very experienced mechanic, and all of our employees have a lot of knowledge. They're more than willing to share what they know. Every day, I learn something new.

I haven't been here long, but they have made me feel right at home, from the general manager down the line. It is truly an honor to work with such good people, and we have real team chemistry. I like to hear customers tell us how much they appreciate the service we provide them.

Veolia has been good to me and my family. I have supervisors who demonstrate great leadership, and co-workers who take pride in their work. And Veolia has great benefits and compensation. It's really a good place to work."


"I was a chief engineer in facility management and was looking to increase my knowledge of the energy distribution field. I joined Veolia Energy North America because of its reputation and diversity.

We operate six very unique chilled-water plants, some as far away as Atlanta. During the peak summer season, we catch load and load shed. Working here has made me more aware of the complexity of the utility sector, with chilled water, electricity, and thermal distribution all having very different ways of operating to meet customer satisfaction.

There are many great reasons to join Veolia. Everybody here, from managers to operators to helpers, is always very professional. The diversity of Veolia gives you a great opportunity to move forward in your career.

And the emphasis on the environment sets Veolia head and shoulders above most other energy-distribution companies. Energy is the backbone of society, one of the most fascinating fields to be a part of. It is always changing with new technology, which ensures that you always learn something new."


"I had the opportunity to try different fields as an intern, and Veolia Energy North America was the first energy company I had a chance to work with. It was such a great experience that I decided to stay with the company and the field of energy after I graduated. The potential to advance within the company and the possibility of career development within the sister companies worldwide have always attracted me to Veolia. I started as a Junior Engineer (intern) and became a Project Engineer after I graduated from college.

As part of the energy efficiency team, I conduct energy audits, recommend energy-efficiency measures, complete rebate and incentive documentation, and assist customers with implementation of these measures. In addition, I am involved in electric and HVAC meter-system design and installation. I am also involved in CHP modeling and analysis and utility coordination of corresponding incentives and rebates.

I have had the chance to work with very knowledgeable professionals in many fields of the energy industry, and have learned a great deal from all of them. I have gone from fresh out of school with limited skills and knowledge to an experienced Engineer managing projects, all after a few years at Veolia.
Through a collaboration among Veolia Energy and Dalkia France, I was able to travel to a semiconductor plant in Texas for a comprehensive energy audit. The team was able to come up with some great and unconventional energy-efficiency measures for the large plant."


"I was looking for a successful, energetic company to learn from and grow with, and that's how I ended up with Veolia. I joined the company about two years ago. The success of the company was very attractive, as was its reputation and efforts to be a sustainable energy source worldwide. Plus, I realized that the department was going through a major transition, and that really captured my attention.

I really enjoyed working to rebuild the Payroll Department. I felt that my ideas were always heard and it was very satisfying to bring my suggestions to the table and then put them into action. Many of the changes I was involved in are still in practice today, which is really exciting to see.

I manage weekly and biweekly payroll for approximately 700 union and non-union employees nationwide. I'm responsible for maintaining the payroll database, updating all employee information, issuing manual checks as needed, processing benefit information with outside vendors, and keeping up-to-date reports of all payroll activity.

One of the most notable things about my career here with Veolia Energy, so far, is how much I've been encouraged to further myself within and outside of our organization. Through our tuition reimbursement program, I was able to begin my pursuit of a master's degree and I could not be happier with the support I've received from Veolia in doing so. I've already gained so much knowledge and understanding about our company and myself as a professional."


"I was attracted to the energy industry not only because of the occupational stability associated with it, but because of the opportunity to work in a multi-discipline environment. After working for a utility company in New York, I decided that I was ready for a new challenge. I had just completed my MBA and was looking for a place where I could not only apply and utilize my engineering background and education, but my business knowledge as well.

I am currently the director of project management in the New York office, where I have several project engineers and project managers reporting to me. My primary responsibilities are to oversee schedule, mentor and assist my staff with the projects assigned to them, as well as to assist with and complete a number of projects I am directly assigned to.

My focal areas are energy efficiency studies, combined heat and power plant feasibility studies, critical mechanical and electrical system commissioning, energy supply agreement/contract review, and billing audits. I also assist with customer interfacing.

My tenure here has definitely enhanced my talents and abilities as a professional in the energy industry. I have been exposed to technology I'd never worked with before, applied business practices that I had previously only had academic knowledge of, and been promoted to a managerial role that has opened my eyes to the challenges and benefits of helping and mentoring other employees, and helped me develop a deep and vast network of contacts and colleagues."


"I was drawn to this field because it brings together so many domains of science and engineering: mechanical, electrical, chemical, fluid dynamics. I was fascinated by the challenges that the energy sector needs to tackle for our society. How will we manage the growing world energy demand? How are we going to limit the adverse environmental impact? Because the field is currently facing rapid changes, working in energy is particularly exciting.

I decided to work for Veolia because it's a company well-known for its focus on resolving environmental issues. It is also a firm that is developing in many countries, which gives its employees many opportunities to work across the globe. I particularly enjoyed the idea of working for Veolia Energy in the United States, since it is one of the world's most innovative countries in the field of energy. I wanted to be where change was most likely to happen first, to get to observe it first-hand.

My main role is to help the operating business units improve the operation and efficiency of our facilities. This means assisting our operators in the plants with the implementation of new projects—for instance, installing a heat-recovery device to improve the efficiency of the plant, or understanding the impact of servicing a new customer in our steam or chilled-water district system.

I have been working on a landfill gas-to-energy project—the development of a plant that produces electricity from waste energy. I was there from the project's first steps two years ago. Today, the plant has been built and is fully operational. It is fantastic to be able to see a project shaping from a design, to a building, then seeing the main process devices delivered at the site, and finally seeing the plant produce electricity!"

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