Veolia's pioneering wind turbine blade recycling program supports economic growth and sustainability in Missouri

Unique process for breaking down massive wind blades receives widespread media coverage in St. Louis

Veolia's work to support the ecological transformation of the planet through the "repurposing" of wind turbine blades is bringing environmental and economic benefits to Missouri. Since the program began in 2020, Veolia has processes more than 1,500 blades which have reached the end of their life cycle, making it possible to reuse the blade materials instead of disposing of the blades in landfills.

Veolia's processing center in Louisiana, Missouri, helps make renewable wind energy even more renewable, breaking down the blade's components so they can be used in the manufacturing of cement and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Check out recent coverage of Veolia's innovative work on St. Louis Public Radio and in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.