Veolia's John Oatley warns of "fatbergs" in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island news

You may have recently seen the headlines of a massive 330 ton, nearly half-mile long fatberg lodged deep within the U.K sewer system. At Veolia North America, our local experts continue to see such blockages in sewer and water treatment facilities across the United States.
Officials in places like Massachusetts and Rhode Island are working closely with Veolia to educate people about the need to avoid flushing inappropriate items down their toilets. While many so-called "disposable" wipes are advertised as safe for flushing, they do not disintegrate and thus can cause backups in the system. In some cases, they can attach to grease, building up to create large sewer blockages called "fatbergs."
John Oatley, senior vice president of VNA's municipal water division, was recently quoted in the Attleboro Sun Chronicle on the issue of “fatbergs” and the increase of gloves and wipes being disposed down the sewer lines.

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