Veolia's Bruce Schadler discusses the future of microgrids on national podcast

Schadler is a leading engineer with SourceOne, Veolia's energy consulting company, who has vast experience providing solutions for energy resilience

Bruce Schadler, an engineer with VNA's energy consulting company, SourceOne, spoke on the future of microgrids and energy resilience on the May 2021 installment of the monthly podcast hosted by Energy Central, a leading national industry outlet.

Schadller, who works out of SourceOne's New York City office, spoke about the work he has done over the years to support the evolution of microgrids, including installations in large shopping centers, tourist attractions like the USS Intrepid Museum and, most recently, the massive Hudson Yards commercial and retail center in Manhattan. Bruce spoke with the Energy Central team about why a broader range of customers are turning to microgrids to meet their energy needs in a time when the main power grid is under enormous pressure caused by widespread outages and other emergencies. 

Microgrids, which can operate on a variety of fuel sources including biogas and solar energy, can generate power independent of the main grid in times of widespread outages, ensuring that critical institutions like hospitals and universities can continue to function. In the City of Rialto, California, VNA is now involved in designing a microgrid that will operate on a combination of biogas, solar and backup battery storage to power the city's wastewater treatment plant -- the first project of its kind in California.
You can listen to Bruce's conversation on the Energy Central podcast here.