Veolia North America's Mike Byrnes Discusses Microgrids on Influential Podcast

Byrnes, who oversees VNA's energy consulting company, SourceOne, outlines how microgrids provide long term energy solutions.

Mike Byrnes, the chief operating officer for SourceOne, Veolia North America's energy consulting company, was the featured guest on POWER Magazine's POWER podcast on Jan. 21, 2021. In the episode, entitled "Is a Micogrid Right For You?," Byrnes discussed how microgrids are becoming an increasingly popular option for customers seeking greater energy independence, resilience and cost-effectiveness. Microgrids serve as power sources independent of the main electricity grid, offering independence to large projects and institutions that seek greater control over their power output, including hospitals, airports and universities. Byrnes, an industry expert, provides an analysis of the growing microgrid market and how they can be installed and operated for maximum benefit, both in terms of economics and environmental sustainability.

Check out the podcast episode here.