District Energy in St. Louis, Mo.

Operational responsibility transferred to City on July 31, 2017.

Operational Responsibility Transferred to City on July 31, 2017

The City of St. Louis through the Solid Waste Management and Development Corporation (SWMDC) exercised its contractual clause and right to purchase the Trigen combined heat and power plant, which ends Trigen’s role as the city’s professional energy services provider.  

We have had the privilege of serving more than 60 buildings, hotels and businesses through the supply of reliable green energy and supporting downtown St. Louis over the last decade.  During our tenure, we’ve invested more than $20 million in energy infrastructure, modernized equipment and systematically replaced and upgraded the city’s 100-year-old steam distribution network --- improving reliability and efficiency -- while making the distribution network one of the most efficient in the country.  

Our successful 10-year partnership with St. Louis demonstrates the inherent value of public and private entities working together to build a better future and the value delivered by a professional energy and environmental experts in helping improve green infrastructure and economic development. 

Operational responsibility has transferred to the city and its designee, Ashley Energy LLC, for the district energy system, including the combined heat and power plant and steam piping infrastructure.    Please contact Ashley Energy, 314-312-0398, [email protected], www.ashleyenergy.com for any questions related to maintenance, customer service or billing.