The COVID-19 crisis reinforces the need for energy resilience

Matt Cinadr, principal engineer for project development for SourceOne, Veolia's energy subsidiary, talks about the many lessons that the COVID-19 pandemic is teaching businesses across North America and the rest of the world, including the benefits of greater energy resilience and flexibility.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to businesses as they struggle to maintain continuity despite widespread shutdowns. Businesses and institutions are realizing that when disaster strikes, it is vital to have an energy system in place that offers flexibility and reliability. In a time of disaster,  a resilient energy infrastructure is paramount. Before the virus struck, the need for greater energy resilience was already changing the energy landscape; now the need is even more pronounced. More and more businesses and institutions are turning to microgrids to give them energy security and flexibility to prevent staggering losses in times of disaster, whether it’s a pandemic, earthquake or a devastating storm.  SourceOne, Veolia North America's energy efficiency subsidiary, is leading the way in showing businesses and industries how microgrids can help them achieve cost-effectiveness and sustainability, as well as flexibility and resilience, in times of crisis.

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