How the CHMM Credential Benefits Recipients


Veolia Employees Discuss Value of Certified Hazardous Materials Manager Credentials

Michael Supanich, Account Manager

“I initially received my CHMM credentials because I thought it might open doors and help me connect with other professionals. It turns out that not only has it been a really great tool for networking opportunities, but it has also given me access to subject matter experts outside of my field that I can collaborate with.

“People are interested in CHMM credentials and what it stands for, so it helps develop relationships when I answer questions about it. When dealing with other CHMM holders, you know they have certain experiences and capabilities and it makes you more receptive to working with them.

“Veolia stands behind anyone who wants to pursue the CHMM. From a career development standpoint, it has been great because Veolia has directly supported maintaining the certification.”