EZwaste UN/DOT Solvent Waste System


Veolia's EZwaste (R) UN/DOT Solvent Waste System is designed to be an affordable solution for liquid waste disposal. Each system is manufactured to collect waste safely from one or more HPLC systems, while the carbon exhaust filter improves air quality by capturing potentially harmful vapors emitted from solvents. The EZwaste (R) UN/DOT containers come with a closed 51mm or 70mm VersaCap (R) that is UN/DOT Certified, designed for single-use to allow easy and safe disposal of laboratory waste.

Each system includes the following components:

1.     The Carbon Exhaust Filter traps 1 solvent vapors. 2.     Tube fittings secure waste to the container to create a closed-loop system,
         preventing splits and vapors from leaking. 3.     A 90o adaptor is included for maxium storage flexibility. 4.     VersaCap technology eliminates tube tangling when removing containers for
         disposal. Two caps are included with the system, one for open use with the
         EZwaste adapter, and one closed for safe transport. 5.     The EZwaste UN/DOT container has a 70mm closec cap UN/DOT2 certified for
         packaging Group II and hazardous chemicals. 6.     The EDPM gasket has high chemical compatibility against aggressive organic 
         solvents. 7.     High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) EZwaste UN/DOT containers feature advanced
         ergonomic design and superior chemical compatibility.

  8.     Each system includes a .10L, 13.5L or 20L EZwaste UN/DOT container, two Versa Caps, various ports for waste tubing, 1 port for a carbon exhaust filter, 1 carbon exhaust filter, and plugs for unused ports.

1Depending on application, carbon exhaust filter may vary
2UN Rating 3H1/Y1.8/150/XX, USA/+AA4824 EZwaste and VersaCap are registered trademarks of Foxx Life Sciences LLC


Solvent Waste System Sizing Guide

Due to all the possibilities with configuring your EZwaste Solvent Waste System, we have provided the following images to help identify the fitting required for your laboratory setup. All measurements are approximate.