Veolia Partners with the University of Pittsburgh to Promote Sustainability

University of Pittsburgh case study

The challenge

The University of Pittsburgh needed a waste disposal partner that focused on sustainability initiatives. It was critical that the service provider had the capabilities to handle a variety of waste streams and accommodated the University’s service schedule. The University was seeking environmentally friendlier ways to handle chemical waste.


The solution

The solution was to partner with Veolia as a waste disposal service provider. Once the University communicated their sustainability and waste hierarchy objectives, Veolia developed appropriate processing methods focusing on waste to energy, recycling, or other beneficial reuse options.


The outcome

Approximately 70% of the chemical waste generated at the University of Pittsburgh is processed via waste to energy, fuels blended, or other sustainable options. Veolia offers the University a variety of safe, sustainable, environmentally responsible and cost effective options for chemical waste disposal services.


More than just a vendor

Kevin Duval, Environmental Manager at the University of Pittsburgh, described the advantages of working with Veolia.



“Other vendors that we have worked with in the past rely heavily on incineration as the preferred disposal method for a variety of waste streams. Veolia has put a considerable amount of thought and effort into providing us with sustainable disposal alternatives. During the pandemic the University approached Veolia regarding recycling/reuse options for uncontaminated laboratory gloves. Veolia provided a waste to energy solution that keeps the used gloves from entering landfills. Veolia and Pitt EH&S work collaboratively to develop solutions that align with the University’s sustainability mission.”



“Veolia is on campus 90 to 100 workdays a year. They do a great job scheduling and maximizing efficiencies. Veolia is flexible and accommodates unique situations and emergency requests. The field crew is consistent, and they understand our needs and desires, creating a sense of continuity."


Dedicated to beneficial reuse

“Legitimate recycling and reuse options are often limited when dealing with hazardous waste. However, rather than relying on incineration, Veolia evaluates each waste stream and determines which are suitable for beneficial reuse. They really focus on our sustainability initiatives and are industry leaders when it comes to sustainable disposal and treatment options.”