Springboro Partnership Ensures Compliance

The challenge

Long-term O&M partnership garners multiple contract renewals and numerous awards.

The project challenges are:

  • The City of Springboro faced compliance problems and regulatory issues at its aged wastewater treatment facility when it hired Veolia North America in 1990 under an operate/maintain/manage (O&M) contract.
  • Over the years, the scope of the company's services grew the water system and other activities.
  • Today, we are responsible for water facilities  (a 7-MGD anthracite multi-media filtration ground treatment plant, three elevated water towers, five wells and five water booster stations), and wastewater facilities (4-MGD sequencing batch reactor plant, 90-mile collection system, nine wastewater pump stations, collection system rehabilitation, customer service, effluent reuse and land application of biosolids).

The solution

Innovative solutions:

  • Take responsibility for monitoring performance tests and compiling data necessary to verify proper performance
  • Make recommendations for process improvements
  • Initiate ongoing sewer cleanout program and repairs on city's collection system
  • Allow engineering and construction affiliate to provide design/construction services for plant capital improvements, then coordinate startup and phase-in of facility expansion

Benefits for our clients


  • Achieved long-running compliance based on improvements and upgrades
  • Completed startup of new water plant on fast-track schedule 18 months from conception.Maintained outstanding safety record — staff worked nearly 15 years without a lost-time accident.
  • Named numerous times winner of the Ohio Water Environment Association's Safety Award for Collection Systems and Plant Operation
  • ​In 2012, received the Water Fluoridation Quality Award from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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