Large Facility Needed Disinfection After Positive COVID-19 Test

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The Challenge

An employee at a leading gas, welding equipment, and safety product supply company tested positive for COVID-19 at one of their facilities. In order to keep the rest of their employees safe on the job, and to prevent the spread of the virus, it was necessary to disinfect the building.

The Solution

The company had worked with Veolia previously and contacted them immediately to see if they could help with the disinfection project. Veolia scheduled the project for the following day. They cleaned and disinfected all offices and bathrooms thoroughly to remove the threat of further infection. Included were the floors, desks, door handles, bathroom counters, sink handles, and anything else that employees may come into contact with. Veolia’s team applied CDC recommended decontamination methods, used approved disinfecting fluid, and wore full personal protective equipment (PPE) during each step of the process.

The Result

Veolia responded quickly and completed the disinfection project to ensure the company’s facility was safe and that work could resume with as little downtime as possible. This company’s employees were able to return to work without fear of being infected by lingering contaminants from their coworker who had tested positive for the virus.