Connecticut Energy Data Management Solution

Connecticut Energy Data Management Solution

The challenge

In November 2008, Veolia’s consulting group, SourceOne, was hired to design and develop a centralized location to contain and more easily manage all energy data related to the state’s building portfolio.

Veolia’s collaboration with Connecticut is an example of SourceOne’s ability to provide comprehensive energy database operations, electric and gas utility invoice review and energy policy support to its customers.

The client’s challenges are:

  • Manually entering data from energy invoices, that are stored across multiple databases, was almost impossible due to the volume of data from across the state’s operations. 
  • The lack of an integrated energy information database made the budgeting process more difficult.

Veolia’s solution

Cost and time effective solution:

  • Designed an integrated energy information database known as the Building Energy Evaluation System (BEES) for the buildings that were most suitable for energy projects.
  • SourceOne identified and collected data on all the state’s buildings, and populated the database with this information for more efficient invoice delivery. Then, they addressed the electronic transfer of this invoice data using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Customer targets:

  • An effective way to track and manage energy usage and cost for agencies and buildings.
  • Create a single database solution with the ability to transfer data electronically.

The benefits for our client

Long-term service:

  • These energy projects include renovations, equipment replacement, renewable energy projects, on-site power generation and lighting and energy device automation.

Streamlined processes:

  • The state has been able to better track and manage energy usage and costs for multiple agencies and assets, streamline their budgeting process and increase the accuracy with which they report relevant data.
  • 5,000 accounts throughout Connecticut were able to produce monthly utility information and usage details for 3,800 locations. To date, SourceOne and the state have processed more than 275,000 invoices representing all energy types used at state facilities.

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