Cogenerated "Green Steam" in Boston & Cambridge

Veolia in Massachusetts

Veolia's district energy networks serve the critical energy requirements of approximately 250 commercial, healthcare, government, institutional and hospitality customers occupying 45 million square feet of building space within the central business district of Boston and the biotechnology corridor of Cambridge.

Located beneath the streets and bridges of Boston and Cambridge, invisible to the cities above, is a network of district energy steam pipes delivering environmentally friendly thermal energy or "Green Steam." "Green Steam" is an innovative environmental solution that recycles thermal energy previously lost to the environment, utilizing advanced cogeneration technology at Kendall Cogeneration Station in Cambridge. Following the completion of a 7,000-foot steam pipeline extension in 2013, up to 75% of Veolia's district energy heat supply consists of recycled "Green Steam."  In addition, Veolia's retrofit of the Kendall Station plant in October 2016 replaced its original once-through cooling system design with an Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) – an engineering and environmental achievement that eliminates hot water discharge to the Charles River.

This innovative $112 million, "Green Steam" investment generates significant benefits for Cambridge and Boston, including:

  • Significantly reducing regional greenhouse gas emissions
  • 75% of district energy heat supply consists of recycled “Green Steam”
  • Opportunity for building owners to obtain LEED credits using district energy
  • A 6% reduction of non-transportation carbon emissions for both cities
  • Elimination of thermal pollution from the Charles River ecosystem
  • Air quality  improvements; Reduced NOx and SO2 emissions by approximately 36% and 61%, respectively
  • 311, 936 labor hours supported the construction of the “Green Steam” project
  • Increased capacity and overall system efficiency
  • Support of Greenovate Boston's goal to reduce Boston's greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050
  • Supporting sustainable development in both Boston and Cambridge
  • Increasing the region's energy reliability

"Veolia has been a strong and loyal partner with the city, and the completion of this project marks an important step forward in attaining our Greenovate Boston goal of reducing Boston's greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050."

—Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh

District Energy (Heating & Cogeneration)


In Boston, Veolia supplies thermal energy to commercial, government, institutional and hospitality customers, including 70% of Boston's high-rise buildings. The majority of the steam supplied to the Boston network is cogenerated "Green Steam" imported from the Kendall Station plant located in Cambridge.  Download our 2-page fact sheet to learn more about how cogeneration provides efficient, reliable energy, while also reducing carbon emissions.


In Cambridge, Veolia manages a steam distribution network for several customers, in addition to operating the recently acquired 256-megawatt Kendall Station. Located in the high-tech corridor near Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the network supplies cogenerated "Green Steam" to global leaders in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.  Veolia also operates a cogeneration plant on behalf of a major biotechnology company, providing comprehensive operation and maintenance of the central steam/electricity microgrid.

Customers, Resources & In the News


  • World-renowned healthcare facilities
  • Biotechnology leaders
  • Pharmaceutical leaders
  • Prestigious office buildings
  • Several Boston icons and major tourist destinations
  • Hotels
  • Universities


  • Download the brochure to learn more about the district energy system
  • Click here to download a map of the Boston-Cambridge district
  • Download our 2-page fact sheet to learn more about how cogeneration provides efficient, reliable energy, while also reducing carbon emissions
  • Discover how you can achieve up to 19 potential LEED credits by leveraging district energy in Boston and Cambridge

In the News:

  • Press Release: Veolia Completes Final “Green Steam” Milestone with Reconfiguration of Kendall Cogeneration Station
  • Press Release: Boston Medical Center Avoids 8,500 tons of Carbon Annually by Leveraging Veolia’s “Green Steam” Energy
  • IDEA System of the Year Award: Boston-Cambridge district energy network recognized for its sustainability and efficiency
  • Cover Story: District Energy Magazine, “Full ‘Green Steam’ ahead in Boston: CHP project advances region's environmental goals”
  • Watch the Green Steam video to see how the steam system works.
  • Watch video highlights at the 104th annual IDEA conference in June 2013, of city officials from Boston and Philadelphia advocating the value of district energy infrastructure for a clean energy future.

Improve your steam system:

  • Steam Safety Tips: Use caution and ensure safe and reliable steam system operation
  • Energy Efficiency Tips: Learn about various tactics that will help reduce your energy consumption and costs, such as steam trap inspections, insulation or conducting an energy audit

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