Brooklyn Improves Commercial Operational Excellence at Kings Plaza Mall’s Central Utility and CHP Plant

Brooklyn Improves Commercial Operational Excellence

The challenge

Veolia operates and maintains the combined heat and power (CHP) plant as well as a chiller plant and supplemental heating services for the Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn. This plant operates as an island without connection to the electric grid, and therefore Veolia is solely responsible for delivering all of the electric and thermal power requirements of the facility.

The project challenges are:

  • Kings Plaza’s central utility infrastructure operates in isolation from the grid, making the plant a critical asset for the facility. 
  • Reliability and resiliency are the utmost importance to its operations and maintenance (O&M). 
  • Veolia staff must consistently deliver exceptional O&M services to ensure the Mall’s core business can be maintained.

Veolia’s solution

Long-term solutions:

  • Over the term of the contract, Veolia has worked with the customer to renew aging infrastructure, improve operational procedures and explore new ways of running the facility to drive reliability and financial performance. 
  • This is in addition to the daily operations and maintenance of the facility, with a particular focus on uptime and efficiency across their energy system’s portfolio. 
  • Veolia has also supported the customer with up-to-date metering and billing services, as well as distributed infrastructure support services to ensure the utility can continue to meet the needs of its tenants and customers.

Client targets:

  • Operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness are critical to support the building’s operational budget and goal of driving financial performance. 
  • Ability to balance both reliability and cost is essential to the success of the customer.

The benefits for our client

Strong partnership and results:

  • Veolia continues to deliver superior services to Kings Plaza, having increased utility performance, reduced downtime and provided ongoing operational cost savings since the partnership began.
  • The project also successfully deployed numerous capital renewal projects and saved millions of dollars for the customer through Veolia’s technical, procurement and local construction expertise.