Achieving Major Cost Savings and Honors in Atlanta

The challenge

Operation, maintenance and management (O&M) for one of America's largest drinking water treatment plants yields major cost savings, earns numerous honors.

The project challenges are:

  • The project includes O&M responsibility for the Atlanta-Fulton County Water Treatment Plant, a state-of-the-art 90-MGD surface water filtration plant serving a population of 370,000.
  • The project opened in November 1990, with Veolia assuming O&M responsibility in January 1991.
  • Veolia North America maintains a 200-MGD raw water pumping station, dual 54-inch raw water mains and 895-million gallons of reservoir capacity owned by the Atlanta Fulton County Water Resources Commission (AFCWRC).
  • Veolia's joint venture partners, Khafra, and Multi-Energy Group, LLC, women-owned/minority owned-business enterprise subcontractors, provide maintenance staff and support. In addition, Veolia offers site tours to the public and hosts global visitors who come to observe a top-notch water operation.

The solution

Innovative solutions:

  • Work with AFCWRC on facility expansion and upgrade.
  • Implement pilot program to increase treatment plant's 30-MGD production capability to meet its rated flow of 45 MGD, with no capital expenditures.
  • Subsequent efforts increased the plant's rated capacity to 56 MGD and ultimately to 90 MGD.
  • Provide mentor-protégé services for minority-owned and women-owned business partners.
  • Conduct Security Vulnerability Assessment for the North Area Water Treatment Plant to identify water security risks and recommend mitigation measures.

Benefits for our clients


  • Accumulated consumer savings in water rates of more than $9.5 million.
  • Reduced power, chemical and O&M costs, passing 100 percent of savings on to the client.
  • Received 50 awards for outstanding environmental compliance and safety over the decade and half that Veolia has operated the facility.
  • 2010 Platinum Award for outstanding compliance from the Georgia Water and Pollution Control Association.
  • 2006 recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships.
  • Numerous commendations from the EPA and industry safety organizations.
  • Three contract renewals based on Veolia's outstanding performance.
  • Served as model for successful public-private partnerships.
  • Earned the Platinum Award for 8-Years SDWA Compliance from the Georgia Association of Water Professionals.
  • Recipient of the Award of Excellence for Exceptional Workplace Safety (2011) by the Georgia Department of Labor.
  • Received the Occupational Excellence Achievement Award (2011) from the National Safety Council.
  • ​Received the Presidents Award (2014) from the Partnership for Safe Water.