BIC Magazine Features Veolia’s Total Cost of Ownership Model

What does it mean for Veolia to help a customer manage its total cost of ownership? How do we do it? What kind of results does it generate? Why should industrial operators care?
The cover story for the November 2015 issue of BIC Magazine takes readers on a deep dive into the answers to these pressing questions, drawing answers from Veolia’s Industrial Business experts and industrial operators that partner with Veolia on total cost of ownership management programs, including The Dow Chemical Company.
Below is a brief excerpt on the Dow perspective from the article, with a full copy of the story available for download below.

"One of Veolia’s current customers, The Dow Chemical Company, has fully embraced the Total Cost of Ownership model. Tyler Bargas is Dow’s Maintenance Technology Leader and Contract Administrator. At a minimum, he acknowledges it takes complete buy-in from both companies to be successful. 
“The supplier-customer partnership must be strong in order to achieve complete automation and get the benefits of the TCO model,” said Bargas. This includes a commitment from the supplier to adopt the touch free philosophy and maintain routine audit and assessments of the established KPIs. “Only when we are all working together can we find long-term value in a supplier’s services.”
“Committing to touch free technology, tracking our results and continually improving our training programs has helped us realize significant improvements in productivity, reliability and cost savings,” said Bargas. “By implementing these requirements into our cleaning services, we are achieving value beyond cost and are maintaining our operations safer, cleaner and faster than ever before.”
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