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There's no better place to apply your passion for the environment than Veolia North America. And there's no better way for prospective employees to learn about us than to hear from our current team of professionals. Here's what they have to say, and why they love their work:

  • Carlos
    Carlos Site Manager "As a site manager at an oil refinery, I keep the operation running as efficiently as possible to accomplish the client's goals and lower the cost of maintenance with a good housekeeping program. Safety is always our number one objective before, during, and after every task.

    "I chose this business because its future is very interesting, very promising. My first priorities in selecting Veolia North America were the opportunities for career growth, as well as the excellent benefits. There are a lot of other big companies in America, but their names don't mean the same things Veolia does: quality, dedication, professionalism. At Veolia, people put their best efforts to work each day, and I can say without a doubt that I am working with a great company.

    "My career highlights with Veolia NA include obtaining my U.S. citizenship, working overseas in Chile where I can use my native language to help my company succeed, and having a great job with a company that people know and respect. Working with Veolia has been a great privilege. I enjoy my work and my team immensely. With the experience I've gained here, I feel very complete, not just as a site manager, but also as a person, a father and a friend."
  • Joe
    Joe Plant Manager II "I've been with Veolia for more than 22 years. I started out as a mechanic, and was able to learn and develop my skills in the areas of operations, the lab, collection systems, biosolids, instrumentation, three-phase electric systems, and computers.

    "I am now responsible for a regional wastewater treatment plant facility. I have the day-to-day responsibility to make sure the facility is compliant with its regulatory as well as contractual requirements. I am also responsible for developing 12 staff members, initial budgets, and an annual profit/loss base. I deal directly with clients, and recently went through my first contract-renewal negotiations.

    "If you don't have the correct equipment to do the job safely, Veolia will get it for you, and make sure you have the training you need. Since joining the company, I have attended 106 different training classes, in addition to our monthly safety meetings, and achieved the highest state wastewater certification.

    "I just returned from a two-day manager's class in Chicago and the Veolia Campus, and the facility and trainers provide an excellent environment for development. It makes me very proud that this organization recognizes compliance and safety before profit."
  • Aram
    Aram Sourcing Manager "For me, water and life are inseparable things. If you care about your life, your kid's life and future, you should care about water. Water is life. Water is energy. I have been with Veolia for seven years, and am familiar with most of the international water companies throughout the world. I can say that Veolia is number one, mainly because of the reputation of the company and its management style.

    "I began as purchasing director for Veolia Armenia and worked in that capacity for four years until being transferred to Veolia North America in 2010. My main responsibilities are identifying opportunities in sourcing optimization, coordinating with other Veolia divisions to leverage on group volumes and bargaining power, and organizing sourcing requirements for specific RFP needs and bids. I also establish sourcing policies and rules, participate in the definition, validation, and implementation of sourcing rules, drive and coordinate yearly savings plans, and manage our supplier diversity initiative.

    "During the last seven years working with Veolia, I have gained extensive experience as a person and as a professional. Veolia is an international company, and I have worked with many people from different countries, which allowed me to know more about various cultures, and of course, I've made a lot of friends. As a professional, I participated in many big, international and local projects, and successfully completed several special training sessions at the Veolia Training Center in France.

    "My career highlights include participating in many projects for the improvement of the water sector, including construction of reservoirs and main pipelines, pumping stations, and reconstruction works for water distribution networks. I would say some of the best reasons to work here are the strong management, stable work, positive environment, and excellent opportunities for professional growth and furthering the future of your career."
  • Janet
    Janet Laboratory Director "I've been working with Veolia NA for approximately eight years. Joining this organization was the best career move I ever made. I chose Veolia because of their reputation with safety, advancement potential, and work/life balance. Veolia is also very supportive with educational opportunities.

    "My first position was as laboratory analyst, after which I was promoted to laboratory director. I am responsible for all aspects of the laboratory, including training new analysts, internal and external audits, reviewing/revising all SOPs, completing the DMR, purchasing, QA/QC reports, preventive maintenance, and laboratory analysis.

    "I have learned a great deal about the wastewater process here. Our operations staff works well with the laboratory, and I have a great appreciation for the teamwork we share. I enjoy being able to participate in the opportunities offered by the California Water Environment Association, which Veolia supports. The conferences and seminars are educational and informative.

    "Veolia is not a stagnant company. We are always growing, coming up with new strategies for improvement. There is ample opportunity for educational improvement, career advancement, and mobility to different plants if you wish to relocate. And the work is challenging and rewarding."
  • Brad
    Brad Central Region Asset Manager, Operations "I joined Veolia NA as a project manager more than 10 years ago because the company provided the best opportunity for career development and growth. In my current role, I serve as the Central Region above ground asset manager for Veolia North America in Edwardsville, Illinois.

    "I lead the implementation of company-established asset-management programs within the region. I integrate AM disciplines and/or best maintenance practices at all sites as appropriate, implement programs utilizing change-management disciplines, which results in site-specific ownership and continuous improvement programs.

    "By working within several disciplines, including project management, asset management, Environmental, Health, and Safety peer audit coordination, and training, I have broadened my knowledge and skills in the various disciplines of the water/wastewater industry. Each has given me a deeper appreciation for what our project personnel bring to the table, and what the level of commitment can do for the communities that we serve.

    "Why should you join Veolia NA? Simply put, this is the best water/wastewater firm in the country. We have a very positive, diverse culture, and all levels of management strive to provide support to ensure that personnel can achieve their own professional goals, as well as the company's.

    "The major difference is that our personnel are empowered to make decisions, bring solutions to the table for issue resolution, and receive positive support from their respective management teams."
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