Water Treatment Plant Maintenance & Evaluation Services

Optimize performance of your water treatment plant while lowering operational and maintenance costs.

Like most infrastructure, treatment plants nationwide are facing serious challenges due to aging. Overlooking the maintenance of these critical facilities can result in quality and performance issues, system downtime, and increased operational costs.  Veolia provides a wide range of rehabilitation and maintenance services to ensure efficient, safe and continuous protection of all your treatment plant assets.


Veolia Treatment Plant Services

All steel and concrete structures in a treatment plant are subject to demanding conditions, which can lead to surface deterioration, corrosion, equipment failure and ultimately lost production. Our in-house experts can assist you in developing and implementing a rehabilitation and maintenance solution tailored to your specific system.  Our experienced field crews can clean, repair, prep steel and/or concrete surfaces and apply high-performance coatings and linings for long-term protection of the assets.  All our work is performed in accordance with AWWA, OSHA standards as well as state and federal regulatory requirements.  Veolia can also recommend ancillary services to improve your treatment plant operations.

Our Rehabilitation and Maintenance services for treatment plants include:

  • Plant condition assessments with detailed reports.  Our experts look for cracks, surface defects, spalling and any other sign of concrete or steel distress.
  • Cleaning, repairing and prepping all steel and concrete surfaces.  We use ultra-high-pressure water blasting, abrasive blasting and/or chemical cleanings to prep all surfaces.
  • Application of high-performance coatings for long-term protection of the assets.
  • Recommending upgrades and ancillary services to improve the treatment plant operations and generate potential savings.

Value of Veolia Treatment Plant Services

  • Extends the service life of treatment plant assets while minimizing maintenance costs.
  • Maintains the value of your large capital assets: sustainable alternative to demolition and new construction.
  • Reduces risk of system downtime.
  • Minimizes risks of large expenditures for crisis management.
  • Keeps your treatment plant assets compliant with all applicable safety and sanitary regulations.

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