Water Tower & Water Storage Tank Maintenance Services

Water storage tanks are large capital assets. Unfortunately, the maintenance of these critical distribution system components is often overlooked or deferred, resulting in water quality violations, customer complaints and service disruptions.

Veolia provides a wide range of water storage tank maintenance services, including tank condition assessments with detailed reports, washouts, chemical cleanings, tank repairs, and comprehensive tank rehabilitation services to extend the service life of your valuable assets, while minimizing costs. We also provide a full service tank asset management program for total peace of mind.


Extend service life, minimize maintenance costs.

The struggle to keep deteriorating water storage tanks maintained fully operational and compliant with all applicable regulations is especially prominent for small and medium-size municipalities. These water systems often lack resources to plan and execute regular water storage tank maintenance services to extend the operability and the service life of these critical assets. As the largest tank services firm in the United Sates, Veolia provides tank owners with comprehensive, sustainable solutions to manage storage tanks.


Water Storage Tank Condition Assessments and Cleanings

Routine tank condition assessments are the key to reliability. Veolia can review the safety, sanitation, structure, security and coatings condition of your tank to help you address minor failures before they become major problems. After each tank inspection, we deliver a detailed report for code compliance and recommend a targeted solution to remediate critical issues. Our highly qualified personnel can also perform washouts and chemical cleanings in compliance to AWWA, NFPA, and OSHA regulatory standards. We utilize proven, NSF-certified technologies to clean and restore your storage tank to like-new condition and lower water storage tank maintenance costs.

Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation Services

Routine tank condition assessments can uncover minor damages or tank components in need of repair. Veolia maintenance experts provide a wide range of services to restore your tank to full operability. From minor tank repairs to major structural tank rehabilitation, all work performed by Veolia’ highly qualified personnel is compliant with all applicable OSHA safety regulations. As an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certified company, we continuously strive to improve your operational efficiency and exceed customer expectations. Our goal is to extend the service life of your storage tank, lower capital investments, and improve environmental sustainability.

Water Storage Tank Asset Management Program

Veolia's tank asset management program maximizes tank performance, simplifies operations and optimizes lifecycle costs of your water distribution network. We address all the needs of your water storage tank – safety, structure, sanitary, security and coatings – so no potential issue is overlooked. Annual visual inspections, regular cleanings/disinfections and timely repairs extend the life of your asset, eliminating the need for emergency repair funds. While the asset is on the program, we take full responsibility of all tank maintenance and provide a lifetime warranty on all coatings and repairs. This preventative water tower maintenance approach supports GASB 34 compliance. Our sustainable solution also makes budgeting easier as initial repair costs can be spread out over a few years if necessary and all future renovation costs are included.

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