Water Quality Control in Distribution Systems

Your community depends on you to deliver high quality drinking water to consumers every day.

The growing number and diversity of municipal water quality standards and regulatory requirements add complexity and costs to your mission. Veolia provides in-tank municipal water quality technologies, pipe cleaning and relining, and filter maintenance services to help you cost-effectively maintain the quality of treated water in your distribution system.


Meet  municipal  water quality  standards while reducing capital spending

Veolia's in-tank municipal water quality technologies help remove drinking water disinfection byproducts and maintain the quality of treated water during storage to meet AWWA and EPA regulations. By optimizing the performance of existing assets, we also help water systems lower their capital spending and be fiscally sustainable.


Manage water quality in distribution systems while minimizing downtime

Without proper water main service, your system could experience a decrease in municipal water quality and face expensive repairs down the road. Veolia Spray-in-place pipe rehabilitation process scours underground pipes in place, and relines them with an epoxy lining, which can extend their service life, improve water quality and avoid major excavation and system downtime.


Maintain drinking water filter performance cost effectively

During typical granular water filtration processes, inorganic particulates accumulate due to chemical reactions and microscopic bacteria.  These deposits lead to municipal water quality problems and operational problems such as bed volume expansion, water and air flow restrictions, and non-compliant effluent turbidity. Organic buildup (biofilm) can also increase drinking water disinfection requirement. Veolia can handle all your filter needs from a media cleaning to full filter house rehabilitation and maintenance.


Providing innovative solutions to help you maintain water quality in your distribution system


In-tank Water Mixers

We install and service active, submersible mixing systems for the cost-effective management of drinking water quality in storage tanks and reservoirs. Water mixers install easily without service disruptions or tank modifications and mix on-demand to create temperature stability, uniformly distribute drinking water disinfectants and improve municipal water quality.

Trihalomethane Removal Systems

We install and service in-tank THM removal systems designed to facilitate Stage 2 DBP Rule compliance in your municipal water system. Utilizing a field-proven proprietary model, Veolia TRS is a custom designed, right-sized, turn-key sustainable solution for THM removal in potable water storage facilities.

Cleaning and Relining Water Mains

Decaying water mains can cause water quality issues, like lead leaching from soldered joints, copper and steel pipe corrosion and biological material buildup. Veolia offers a trenchless, efficient and long-lasting solution to reinforce aging underground pipe systems. Our innovative spray-in-place pipe (SIPP) rehabilitation technology uses a state-of-the-art, spray-application rig to apply a long-lasting, epoxy lining inside the pipe. The process cleans and seals cracks, protecting against the formation of new ones.

Drinking Water Filter Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Veolia utilizes proven, patented and NSF-certified technologies to chemically clean the interior of water storage tanks and granular water filtration systems with the goal of restoring them to like-new condition. This improves your return on large capital investments and lowers your related annual operational and maintenance costs.

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