Smart Metering Solutions & Asset Management

At a time when water rates increase at twice the inflation rate, and most water systems experience rising water loss due to aging infrastructure, advanced metering systems have become an important tool for the financial stability of water utilities.


Smart metering solutions for total peace of mind

The implementation of smart metering infrastructure requires significant support maintenance, technology and software expertise as well as funding to cover the up-front installation costs of the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and smart meters. As a result, smart metering systems for water infrastructure are often out of reach for small and medium-sized communities. Veolia Metering Asset Management Program was designed with those water distribution systems in mind.


Advanced Solutions

Our Metering Asset Management Program is a customized solution that provides and implements an AMI system and smart meter services, integrating them into your existing water distribution infrastructure for billing and data collection. We then manage and maintain the smart metering infrastructure over the life of the system, to ensure you reap all the operational benefits: increased revenue, reduction of nonrevenue water, and better service to your customers.  

Our program puts all the benefits of smart metering services within reach of any water system as the AMI infrastructure costs can be spread over many years. A Full Asset Management Solution with a single partner rather than with multiple companies also minimizes risks and streamlines the entire process. The predictable annual cost of the contract, usually a monthly fee per smart meter allows easy planning and budgeting.


Value of Veolia Metering Asset Maintenance Program

  • Customized AMI system
  • Operational peace of mind
  • Long-term transfer of risk
  • Single point of responsibility
  • Spread initial deployment cost
  • Predictable cost


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