Asset management programs for water infrastructure

With rising water demand and energy costs, shrinking resources, and increased consumer scrutiny, operating aging infrastructure assets is becoming increasingly challenging.

At Veolia, we believe no water system should have to choose between a capital expense beyond budget and an unpredictable run-to-failure approach. Our Asset Management Program packages the rehabilitation and future maintenance of water assets into a single contract.


Well maintained systems, lowest life cycle cost

Veolia's Asset Management Program is a turn-key solution that keeps all critical water assets in good operating condition and fully compliant with all applicable regulations, while minimizing maintenance and renovation costs. We first restore the asset to like-new condition, then perform on-going condition assessments, maintenance and rehabilitation tasks to keep your system on the path to sustainability. This means one point of contact, and one call for all your service needs. We maintain all assets including storage tanks, concrete structures, treatment plants, distribution networks, and metering systems to help you achieve a sustainable infrastructure.


Tank asset management program

For many utilities nationwide, keeping water storage tanks in fit-for-purpose condition for the long term is a challenge because of a lack of resources to plan and execute regular maintenance and the inherent financial risks of running to failure assets that are critical to the service of the community.  Our Tank Asset Management Program was designed to assure the highest level of protection to your asset, prevent failures before they occur and meet your system’s need now and in the future.

Concrete tank asset management program

Many infrastructure components used for the treatment, storage and distribution of potable water are made of concrete. Most of these structures are uncoated and yet concrete is very susceptible to biofilm buildup which can result in significant problems including water quality issues, fouling, and structural disintegration. Our Concrete Asset Management Program is intended to restore any concrete asset to like-new condition and protect it with high performance coatings, keeping it functional, safe, and within applicable code.

Treatment plant asset management program

Overlooking the maintenance of aging filter plants can result in water quality issues and increased operational expenses. We provide a filter plant asset management program that ensures the routine inspection and maintenance of your plant never falls behind, safeguarding your large capital investment and maintaining water quality.

Pipe asset management program

Many buried pipes nationwide have reached the end of their useful life. Hidden leaks result in water and money loss while main breaks cause disruption to the public and the economy. So, maintaining underground assets in fit-for-purpose condition is critical. Our Pipe Asset Management Program helps you optimize the use of your annual pipe renewal budget. We improve your ROI, investing in the right place with the right technology to increase your pipe renewal ratio.

Metering asset management program

The implementation of a smart metering system requires significant technology and software expertise as well as funding to cover the up-front installation costs of the AMI infrastructure. So, smart metering is often out of reach for smaller utilities. We created a unique Metering Asset Management Program with those systems in mind. Our program includes the installation and integration of the AMI and smart meters into your existing system as well as on-going support and maintenance over the life of the system. AMI installation costs can be spread over many years and the predictable annual cost of the contract (typically a monthly fee per meter) is easy to budget.

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