Veolia’s Regeneration Services

Our Regeneration Services are driving a more circular economy for industry – providing beneficial reuse solutions for sulfuric and hydrofluoric (HF) acids, along with other high-value industrial solvents.


In North America, Veolia owns and operates seven plants that provide sulfuric acid regeneration, sulfur gas recovery, and produce high-value sulfur derivative products for sale on the open market.

We also own two merchant facilities that provide potassium hydroxide (KOH) processing, and four other plants that provide solvent recovery solutions.

Our operational, technical, and engineering expertise in the industrial circular economy is supported by our in-house laboratories, chemists, engineers and process experts.


Sulfuric Acid Regeneration
Sulfur Gas Recovery
Acid Technology Center
High-Value Sulfur Derivatives
KOH Processing
Solvent Recovery