Veolia Taking Action on Earth Day 2017

Throughout the country, employees of Veolia showed their support for Earth Day in many ways.


Throughout the country, employees of Veolia showed their support for Earth Day in many ways.



The Ohio Valley Branch showed its personal commitment to protecting the environment with a twenty member team volunteering as part of the Dayton area Five Rivers Metro Parks River Clean Up. The event lasted for three hours as volunteers walked the banks of the Miami River and picked up assorted plastic bottles, aluminum cans, general trash, shoes, and clothing. This year marked the 25th year of Veolia's participation!




We had several different Earth Day events occur throughout our Mid-Atlantic Branch. In the Philadelphia office, 2,000 lbs. of Household Hazardous Waste materials were collected from branch employees. Account Manager Paul Keller, and Project Manager Kevin Collins, also took part in the Thomas Jefferson University Outdoor Event in Philadelphia, passing out Earth Day themed giveaways of seeds, bookmarks, and pens made from recycled materials. Clinton Atkinson, Account Manager in Creedmoor, NC, took part in two customer events in Zebulon with Kelly-Fox-Kent, Project Lead for our on site team at our customer. Along with these activities, the branch gave out Earth Day themed coloring books to a local grade school at each of its locations.



Last Friday in the New Jersey Branch, our employees collected Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) at a customer’s site in Freehold, while also distributing planters filled with marigold seeds. To drive some friendly competition, each employee was entered into a Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card contest if they brought in HHW for Veolia to manage the proper disposal.



In Colorado, employees at the Henderson office picked up trash and planted a new tree on the east side of the facility.  The volunteers also undertook the large task of cleaning the loading dock drain trenches which previously were filled with mud.  



In the Northeastern Branch, several employees also participated in Earth Day events at two customer sites. In the spirit of celebrating the Earth’s natural resources, we supplied pine trees to the employees of our service partners. The trees were a symbol of Veolia’s commitment to help expand natural forest areas in order to offset deforestation. Additionally, at both events, canvas totes were distributed for use at the grocery store to help eliminate the need for plastic or paper bags. Both events were a huge success and helped reinforce our commitment to the spirit of Earth Day, our partnership with two key customers, and Veolia’s focus on sustainable solutions.