Veolia North America

Vendors and Suppliers

Our goal is to acquire quality goods and services when and where needed on a local, regional and national basis across North America.

Accounts Payable
For information on how to submit an invoice, invoice and payment status questions, etc.

Contact Us
For procurement questions and supplier needs

Corporate Procurement General Contact Information:
Email: [email protected]

Credit Reference
Download the current Credit Reference Sheet below

Download Latest Credit Reference Sheet (147.94 KB)

Terms & Conditions
Download a copy of VNA's standard terms and conditions

Download Latest Purchase Order Terms & Conditions (237.51 KB)

Suppliers Charter
General principles for suppliers' relationship including code of conduct and sustainable procurement policy.

Download Latest Suppliers Charter (1.08 MB)

Existing Suppliers
For changes to company contact or payment information, Contact: [email protected]

For all other requests, please contact your Veolia contract manager or email: [email protected]