Safely Ship Damaged or Recalled Lithium Batteries


SupplyPak Damaged, Defective or Recalled Lithium Battery Packaging

Lithium cells or batteries, that have been damaged or identified by the manufacturer as being defective for safety reasons, that have the potential of producing a dangerous evolution of heat, fire, or short circuit (e.g. those being returned to the manufacturer for safety reasons) may be transported by highway, rail or vessel only, but must be packaged a certain way to meet safety regulations.

Lithium Batteris must NOT be disposed of as normal trash.  Damaged batteries could contaminate the area and require expensive cleanup.

SupplyPak Packaging Solutions 

Veolia now offers a packaging solution to help customers meet the regulations for the disposal of damaged, defecive or recalled lithium ion and metal batteries.  The SupplyPak Damaged, Defective or Recalled Lithium Battery Packaging is not only compliant; it is also easy to use.  Simply follow the included packaging and use instructions to ensure your shipment of damaged, defective or recalled lithium batteries is safe when being transported.

The new SupplyPak product is available in 5 different sizes for both lithium ion and lithium metal batteries.  Each supply code and its specifications are listed in the available containers section below.

The SupplyPak Kits contain the following items to safely pack the damaged or defective lithium batteries.

  • UN rated poly drum or pail with lid
  • Class 9 Hazard label
  • Anti-stat zipper bag used to contain the damaged battery within the container
  • Pre-portioned bag of vermiculite to be placed around the bagged damaged battery
  • Appropriate UN shipping label (UN3480, Lithium Ion Battery or UN3090, Lithium Metal Battery)
  • Packaging and Use Instructions document

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