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Cogenerated "Green Steam" reduces carbon footprint in Boston and Cambridge

Cogenerated "Green Steam" reduces carbon footprint in Boston and Cambridge

Located beneath the streets and bridges of Boston and Cambridge invisible to the cities above is a network of district energy steam pipes delivering environmentally friendly thermal energy or "Green Steam" throughout the Boston-Cambridge system."Green Steam" is an innovative environmental solution that recaptures and reuses thermal energy previously lost to the environment, utilizing advanced cogeneration technology. Following the completion of a 7,000-foot steam pipeline extension in 2013 and a planned reconfiguration of the recently acquired Kendall Station, up to 75% of Veolia's district energy heat supply will consist of recycled "Green Steam."This innovative $112 million, "Green Steam" investment generates significant benefits for Cambridge and Boston, including:

  • Significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in support of the Greenovate Boston goal of reducing Boston's greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050;
  • A 6% reduction of non-transportation carbon emissions for both cities
  • Minimizing thermal pollution from the Charles River ecosystem;
  • Improving air quality, reducing NOx and SO2 emissions by approximately 36% and 61%, respectively;
  • 311, 936 labor hours supported the construction of the “Green Steam” project;
  • Increasing capacity, reliability and overall system efficiency;
  • Supporting sustainable development in both Boston and Cambridge; and
  • Increasing the region's energy reliability.
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In Boston, Veolia supplies thermal energy to commercial, government, institutional and hospitality customers, including 70% of Boston's high-rise buildings. Up to 75% of the steam supplied to the Boston network is cogenerated "Green Steam" imported from the Kendall Station plant located in Cambridge.
In Cambridge, Veolia manages a steam distribution network, in addition to recently acquiring the 256-megawatt Kendall Station in 2013 with partner I Squared Capital. Located in the high-tech corridor near Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the network supplies cogenerated "Green Steam" to global leaders in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.
Veolia also operates a cogeneration plant on behalf of a major biotechnology company, providing comprehensive operation and maintenance of the central steam/electricity generation plant.

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