Atlanta-Fulton County Water Treatment Plant Awarded for Excellence

In October, the Atlanta-Fulton County Water Treatment Plant earned the Platinum Award from the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP) in recognition for complete and consistent compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) throughout 2017, and the Award of Excellence from the Georgia Department of Labor for exceptional workplace safety for 2017.

The Atlanta-Fulton County Water Treatment Plant, fully operational since 1991, serves the ever-growing North Fulton County population of around 350,000. Under an operation, maintenance and management contract, Veolia North America maintains a 200-MGD raw water pumping station, dual 54-inch raw water mains and 895-million gallons of reservoir capacity owned by the Atlanta Fulton County Water Resources Commission (AFCWRC).

After almost 30 years as partners, Veolia has delivered value to the Atlanta-Fulton County Water Treatment Plant in a variety of ways, from consumer savings of more than $9.5 million to reduced power, chemical and O&M costs. In addition, the facility has earned upwards of 50 awards for outstanding environmental compliance and safety. Over the course of the partnership, Veolia has also almost doubled the plant’s capacity and implemented a pilot program to increase the plant’s treatment production capacity from 30-MGD to 90-MGD.

Along with the O&M services, Veolia offers site tours to the public and hosts global visitors who come to observe a top-notch water operation, and provides mentor-protégé services for minority-owned and women-owned business partners.

We’re honored to be able to work at one of America’s largest drinking water plants and continually work to provide best-in-class O&M services for the delivery of clean, safe water to residents.