Fixed Steam Program


Throughout the year, particularly during the coldest months of the year, local fuel commodity prices can fluctuate greatly.  Since steam bills are closely tied to the volatile New England fuel commodity markets, several factors can influence prices, including weather, supply constraints and increases in demand. These fluctuations can have a direct impact on your energy bills and can result in significant budget swings. 


Veolia offers a voluntary ‘Fixed Steam Program,’ offering customers the opportunity to purchase steam on a forward basis – resulting in more predictable steam expenses and budget planning.


Currently, many of our customers elect to participate in this program in order to achieve budget stability.  If you are interested in participating, contact your Veolia account manager.  We can walk you through this program step by step.

  • Participation agreement - Approved customers have the opportunity to sign an agreement with Veolia which enables participation in this program. There is no obligation to participate.
  • Commodity futures pricing - Veolia obtains indicative fuel commodity futures pricing from suppliers based on current market conditions.  Veolia will periodically email customers with the available monthly Fixed Steam Adjustments (FSA) prices for each of the upcoming  months.
  • Lock in pricing - If a customer chooses to purchase steam in advance, they may nominate a specific (Mlb) volume of steam for any month(s) in which pricing is currently offered. After a customer’s selections are made, Veolia will attempt to purchase the volume of fuel necessary to satisfy the customer’s fixed steam nominations.  
  • Purchase fixed steam - If a fixed steam purchase is able to be made at a customer’s elected price and volume, Veolia will notify the customer that the purchase has been made.

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