Refining Industry


Veolia North America is uniquely qualified to deliver value back to a refinery operation, drawing from our unmatched experience in the sector and our broad-based capabilities in the areas of water, waste, cleaning, energy and resource regeneration services. Your industry is facing many challenges—regulatory changes, water scarcity issues, uncertain pricing and fluctuating demand, among other factors—making increasing the efficiency of your operation more important than ever. Veolia has a proven record of guaranteed performance and reducing Total Cost of Ownership for our refinery customers. We deliver on this by using technology like Touch Free tooling, information management tools, and continuous improvement programs to eliminate unnecessary costs, perform work safer and faster, and return more productivity and uptime.

Our broad environmental management capabilities include: 
  • Industrial cleaning and maintenance services 
  • Hazardous and regulated waste recycling, treatment and disposal solutions 
  • Industrial energy installations,  facility infrastructure systems management and energy use optimizaton programs
  • Technology-driven solutions and operations/maintenance expertise for processing, treating and recovering industrial water and wastewater
  • Resource regeneration services, including KOH recycling, sulfuric acid regeneration, and solvent recovery
Our solutions are innovative, technology-driven, and address environmental management holistically to improve efficiency and drive a more circular industrial economy. And we are proud to deliver our services in accordance with the industry’s stringent safety and compliance regulations, including those of the U.S. EPA’s Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), and other federal, state and local agencies. As a result, we are trusted with site-based operations at over 50 refineries, and are the most VPP-Star Certified environmental services provider in North America, currently with 13 VPP Star locations.