Transportation companies and public agencies operate and manage railroads, transit authorities, bus lines, airlines and airports, ports, and more.  In order to get people where they need to go safely and efficiently, these organizations require a sustainable, uninterrupted energy supply. In addition, these organizations are taking a big picture look at how they manage waste and water resources to minimize environmental impact.

In the United States, approximately 29% of annual energy consumption is used to transport people and goods from one place to another.
Reliability for major transportation hubs

Transportation hubs such as train stations and airports require an efficient and uninterrupted energy supply to accommodate the thousands of travelers and employees who come through each day. Microgrids, particularly those that incorporate combined heat and power, present a reliable and resilient alternative to centralized energy, especially in the case of blackouts or extreme weather. By partnering with an expert in distributed energy solutions, transportation providers can ensure the continuous operation of their critical facilities while achieving sustainability and financial goals.

Recovering utility costs from tenants

Most major transportation hubs have tenants such as airlines, shops, kiosks, or restaurants which all consume energy and water. These facilities in many cases have sub-meters, which allow them to isolate each tenants' consumption and recover the costs.  By linking these meters to internet connected devices and dashboards, we allow transportation organizations to view this usage in real-time and accurately and transparently issue bills to tenants.

Reducing transportation operating expenses

Transportation providers need to reduce operating expenses from large cost centers like energy utilities to keep fees low for travelers. Fortunately, deregulated energy markets allow end users to shop for the best energy supply contracts. To better manage energy procurement and streamline costs, we can provide energy markets strategies and pricing intelligence across very large and complex portfolios, including natural gas, electricity, and fuel oils.

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