Oily Residuals Management

The challenge as we see it

Downstream refining operations produce significant quantities of oil-bearing residuals during normal day-to-day operations. Finding optimal solutions for the management of oil-bearing materials by focusing on the inherent value of oil recovery and waste mitigation is critical.

Our differentiated value

We have worked with over 50 refineries throughout the U.S. for over 25 years and understand the challenges that oil-bearing residuals present.

  • We are backed by experienced operations and a proven commitment to safety.
  • Oily residuals management reduces the plant's carbon footprint.
Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.
When you partner with Veolia, you gain access to the human, technical and operational expertise of the world leader in delivering preferred environmental solutions.

Our solutions for oily residuals management

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By approaching residual management holistically, with sensitivity to overall life-cycle costs, our residual management experts develop solutions to maximize value recovery, while improving your operations’ reliability and performance.

We process over 1.5 million tons of oily residuals annually for more than 35 customers.
Understanding the customer’s production needs allow us to properly size an equipment package. The treatment options for the solids cake are numerous and include: recycling to the coker as an aqueous; slurry injected during the quench cycle of the coking process or Scalfeed™ during the coker feed cycle; thermal drying and desorption; or re-use as an alternative fuel (Scalfuel™) for cement kilns, or disposal as a hazardous waste.

Partner with our team to develop a custom solution that:

  • Is tailored to address the specific challenges of your plant’s residual stream profile
  • Optimizes recovery of valuable by-products
  • Minimizes the impact of primary separation wastewater volume on the downstream biological treatment plant
  • Minimizes the need to dispose of solids
  • Helps de-bottleneck refinery unit operations and maximize production

Benefits for our customers

Maximize productive uptime

Maximize valuable by-product recovery

Minimize disposal costs


Focus Innovation

40 CFR 261.6(c)(1) Requirements for recyclable materials.

Our oily residual management solutions are not considered to be treatment, storage or disposal of hazardous waste.

They chose this solution

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United States

Major Louisiana Refinery

Recycling process provides a sustainable solution.

Every refinery generates oil-bearing residuals as part of its normal operations, and operators must manage these residuals to maintain optimal production levels and operational efficiency.

With options ranging from thermal desorption to leveraging the coker to recover all material with zero waste leaving the refinery, our patented and proprietary technologies are backed by experienced operations and a proven commitment to safety.

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United States

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