Veolia North America employee named finalist in Paris Match photography contest


Veolia North America employee Johnny McClung named a finalist in contest held by Paris magazine; his photo is one of six selected out of 2,000. 

On September 21 of this year, Veolia employees started posting photos for an open competition hosted by Paris Match. The photos addressed sustainability themes, like preserving biodiversity, landscapes requiring protection, the impact of climate change, water stress and nature.
At the conclusion of the competition, Paris Match presented a book of the best photos from the contest to many of the heads of state involved in the COP21 negotiations. 


The jury was composed of representatives of Paris Match and Veolia. They selected six finalists and one winner, including Johnny McClung, a designer and photographer based out of Veolia’s Indianapolis office. Johnny’s photo captures the Crown Fountain in Chicago’s Millennium Park. Titled “Positive Reflection,” the photo shows barefoot children interacting with the city’s water supply, revealing the symbiosis between urban living and the need for clean water. 

(You can see more of Johnny's work here.)

The winner was Jerry Fer Damian, from Veolia Gulf Countries, who won the competition with a photo taken in the province of Baler Aurora in the Philippines. 

The finalists were: 
  • Johnny McClung (Veolia North America)
  • Sungsoo Yang (Veolia South Korea)
  • Peng Du (Veolia China)
  • Kang In Ho (Veolia South Korea)
  • Martin Mecnarowski (Veolia Czech Republic)

"I was particularly impressed not only by the commitment of Veolia employees - large numbers of whom responded to the call and posted photos - but also by the quality of their work." -Marc Brincourt, Chief Photo Editor, Paris Match


  • Marc Brincourt, Chief Photo Editor at Paris Match
  • Philippe Legrand, Paris Match Director of Communications
  • Jean-Marie Lambert, Veolia Human Resources Director
  • Laurent Obadia, Veolia Communications Director
  • Laure Duquesne, Communications Officer for the Veolia photo library