Steam Efficiency and Preventive Maintenance



Improve efficiency and reliability in your steam system with regular inspections by Veolia's qualified operators and engineers. Veolia's technicians are trained to diagnose and repair any issues and will help keep your building's steam system operating safely and efficiently. 

Veolia recommends completing two inspections a year:
Recommended Preventative Maintenance
PDF - 3.87 MB
  • In the summer when the steam system is shut off
  • Again in the winter, as the steam system is engaged​​
Our inspection includes:
  • Review of systems for proper operation – Identify leaks in steam traps, heat exchange outlets, control valves, heat timer, PRVs, pilots, diaphragms, isolation valves, steam piping, condensate piping 
  • Test for city water – Take condensate samples from heat exchangers 
  • Blow down main steam strainerRemove foreign debris from the system 
  • Prevent carbon buildup or sticking Open PRVs and clean stem, seat and disc


Improve the operating performance of your steam system by taking preventive steps to avoid energy losses.  Customers that have leveraged Veolia’s preventive maintenance program have experienced the following benefits:
  • Reduced operating costs through efficient and reliable operation
  • Conserved energy with a systematic approach to eliminating inefficiencies
  • Problem areas identified that could cause unscheduled system outages 
  • Maximized operating efficiency of steam equipment
  • Identified budget for equipment repair or replacement to better plan for infrastructure investments

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