Safety Training at the Core of Fuming Acid Handling

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Veolia presents a feature article in the November 2016 issue of BIC magazine covering our commitment to helping customers and emergency responders remain safe when handling sulfuric acids and other chemicals. Written by Amy Blanton, senior technical service consultant for Veolia North America, the article provides a first hand perspective for the safe handling learning opportunities availble through fuming acids spill mitigation workshops.

Below are brief exerpts of the article, with a full copy of the story also available for download below. 

"A  sulfuric acid tank incident caused a fatality and injured nine of the emergency responders. I personally knew several of the injured responders and never want to witness that again. Now, education, training and prevention measures are a central part of my job." 

"An important aspect of mitigating a fuming acid spill is employing the proper techniques to handle a release without making the situation worse. Over the years, many different mitigation techniques have been tested to understand the best response."