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The State of Wisconsin hazardous waste contract vendor

Mark Heal

Mark Heal

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     * Labpack Services                                            * Pharmaceutical Waste

     * Fuel Blending                                                  * Solvent Recycling

     * Incineration                                                     * Light Bulb Recycling

     * Drum Disposal                                                * Waste To Energy

     * Landfill                                                              * Battery Recycling

     * Transportation                                               * Oil Recycling


Veolia maintains an excellent record of compliance with environmental regulations. This record is ready for inspection at any time. A culture of compliance is a way of life at Veolia, where we manage hazardous and nonhazardous waste with the utmost care. We follow procedures meticulously with our on-site teams, and continue to focus on the details throughout transportation, treatment and disposal. Our waste processing, storage and disposal locations are routinely audited and certified, and all disposal documentation is verified to assure compliance.


Getting Started
Site evaluation

It's important that we understand your current waste management situation in order to develop a program that meets your specific needs. There are several steps in this initial process.

Discuss needs and objectives

In preparation for the site evaluation, we discuss your waste and your needs for related environmental services, as well as your objectives.

On-site evaluation

Together, we determine your baseline costs to quantify future savings. Then, we conduct a site evaluation by going through each step of your operation to see where the waste is generated and how it is currently handled.

Profile review

After gathering copies of your waste profile sheets and your waste stream analysis, we review them thoroughly.

Employee interviews

We always interview each person responsible for any step in the hazardous waste stream process to gather every relevant detail.


When necessary, we obtain samples of the waste. Our goal is to identify opportunities to reduce waste volumes and to reduce your costs. We overlay your needs with our capabilities to determine what services we can offer that will add value to your operation.
Next Steps
Written proposal

Once we’ve gathered all the information you have available on your waste, we analyze the data and your existing procedures to determine any opportunities for improvements. We develop a detailed service plan to help ensure long term financial security for your company. We then provide a written proposal that details services and costs.

Contract approval

Once you’ve reviewed the proposal, we make any necessary changes and develop a contract. You may also need to provide credit information. Please arrange to tour and audit our treatment facilities. The new One Veolia increases available services, which sometimes extends the contract process. 

Preparing for service

Potentially, there is a great deal of planning required before we begin services.

Establish a work group

Representatives must be designated from our organization and yours who are responsible for services.

Profile waste streams

Our on-site teams profile your waste streams and collect samples, as necessary. Then, we’ll obtain approval on each waste stream from the appropriate treatment, storage or disposal facility.


We’ll discuss scheduling needs with you to make sure we understand your operational requirements for pick-ups. Our transportation teams set up a waste removal schedule to maintain compliance with government hazardous waste regulations. Of course, we’re always on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if there’s an emergency or if you need a special pick-up.


Once we’ve identified regulatory requirements and set up necessary systems, we are available to train your staff in a wide variety of environmental courses. Our hazardous waste experts are available to provide technical assistance at every step.