Underground Asset Management



Now and in future years, utilities will have to adapt to changing regulatory requirements, limited funding, increased populations, and capital repair and replacement programs resulting from an always aging infrastructure. These underground assets comprise wastewater collection, water distribution and stormwater drainage systems.  

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Veolia’s water professionals can help your community in a variety of ways including asset inventory, condition assessment, data management, operations and maintenance, cost evaluation, environmental compliance, infiltration and inflow, and a repair and replacement program.

  • ASSET INVENTORY: Manhole inspection and GPS location services 
  • ​CONDITION ASSESSMENT: CCTV inspection, manhole inspection and review of historical files
  • ​DATA MANAGEMENT: GIS-based asset management software program and risk/consequence-of-failure assessment
  • ​OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE: Hydrant flushing programs, blockage response and pipe cleaning/jetting programs
  • ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE: MS4, CMOM, NPDES, administrative order resolution
  • INFILTRATION AND INFLOW (I&I): Flow monitoring, smoke testing, dye testing, dye flooding, dye tracing, flow isolations, building inspections, identify illicit sewer connections
  • ​REPAIR & REPLACEMENT PROGRAMS: General contracting and cure-in-place point repairs for pipeline failures


Veolia manages the operation and maintenance (O&M) and underground asset management (UGAM) of Woonsocket's 120-mile collection system.  We're responsible for pipe cleaning and defect condition assessment, debris removal MACP inspection for 350 manholes, all capacity, management, operation and maintenance (CMOM) reporting, and 24-7 on-call emergency response.

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