Contaminated Asset Storage


Veolia's Alaron Nuclear Services (Veolia) offers over 150,000 square feet of indoor storage space and an additional 15 acres of outdoor storage at its facility in Wampum, PA. Veolia’s customers utilize these available spaces for storage of contaminated storage/shipping containers, mobile laboratory facilities, and mobile specialty service equipment such as remote visual inspection equipment, dive gear and fuel pool tooling. Veolia's storage service includes routine monitoring and inspection of the equipment.

Customers find value in using Veolia's storage facilities for many reasons, including:
  • Veolia's central location to a majority of the nuclear power plants in the Northeast. This allows for rapid response to a utility's urgent need for help.
  • Storage of contaminated equipment is often less expensive than decontamination.
  • Many service providers to the nuclear industry do not have Radioactive Materials Licenses and therefore require a licensed facility to store their equipment.
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