Source Recovery


Veolia's Alaron Nuclear Services (Veolia) provides source recycling at our facility in Wampum, PA. This has proven to be a valuable service to the nuclear industry.

Veolia's sealed source recovery services provides customers with the ability to consolidate sources prior to disposal, have the components disassembled to separate the source from lead shielding, and recycle their source rather than dispose of it.

Radioactive sources are used in a range of applications in industry, medicine and research. Applications include:

  • Smoke detectors and exit signs
  • Radiotherapy
  • Thickness gauging of thin plastics, sheet metal, rubber, textiles and paper
  • Well logging and road bed logging
  • Testing of radiation detection and contamination equipment.


When the source is no longer required or radioactive decay has rendered the source unfit for its original purpose, the source itself must be replaced and either recycled or sent to a licensed disposal facility. Veolia provides the following source disposal and recycling services:

  • Disposal and/or recycling of transuranic sources
  • A disposal and recycling service coupled with site dismantling, handling, packaging and transportation capabilities
  • A fully compliant service selecting the most appropriate methods and routing for a complete disposal service for our clients.
Veolia is fully committed to the specialized requirements of the users of radioactive sources. Customers benefit from:
  • Removal of a financial and environmental liability
  • Access to a range of licensed disposal facilities
  • Access to a range of fully-approved transport containers
  • Full-compliance with NRC and international regulations.
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