Remote Opening

Remote Opening

Veolia provides remote opening services for a wide range of potentially reactive materials that would otherwise be unsafe for routine handling. Our technical specialists are dispatched to your location where they follow strict internal procedures and adhere to the specific requirements of your site. We are experienced with stabilization and treatment techniques of reactive materials with potentially dangerous properties and carefully operate within applicable regulations.


Each unstable chemical handling situation is unique. Veolia's first priority is to ensure the safety and security of person and property. Veolia will work with you to develop the best strategy to manage your materials. Meticulous planning at the beginning of any project assures that all details are considered, which provides the best possible outcome and minimizes the impact on activities at your facility.

Our trained technicians use state-of-the-art handling equipment to protect themselves and your interests when we manage potentially unstable chemicals at your site. To enhance safety, chemical containers are often transported in a special containment vessel to the selected remote opening locations. After the reactive compound containers have been successfully opened, our team of specialists has extensive experience in stabilizing them with a variety of chemical processes including acid/base neutralization, oxidation/reduction, hydrolysis, and dilution. Once a material is stabilized, extreme hazards are eliminated and special or even routine procedures for packaging and transportation can be utilized.


  • Explosive chemicals
  • Organic peroxides
  • Peroxide formers
  • Pressurized containers
  • Shock sensitive materials
  • DOT forbidden materials
  • Temperature sensitive chemicals
  • Unstable materials