Motor & Pump Refurbishment


Veolia 's Alaron Nuclear Services (Veolia) includes an extensive motor and pump repair facility and an experienced refurbishment staff. In conjunction with our teaming partners, we are capable of handling any motor both safety and non-safety related. Veolia has all of the necessary equipment to refurbish both small and large motors, including reactor coolant pump and recirculation pump motors. 

Veolia’s support typically involves providing a work area and health physics and labor support during disassembly and inspection of radioactively-contaminated components. Veolia can provide its Radioactive Materials License to permit refurbishment on contaminated components, or Veolia can provide the necessary decontamination services to achieve release for unrestricted use. Veolia's decontamination processes are meticulously controlled to not compromise the specific tolerances of each component.

Veolia’s fully equipped motor shop includes two large disassembly stands, a 15kV test panel and test stand, a Blu-Surf burnout/bakeout oven, and a 60-ton overhead crane with a 15-ton independent auxiliary hook.


Veolia's Alaron facility can provide large motor refurbishment, including full services for reactor coolant pump motors (RCPs) and recirculation pump motors. Equipment includes: a large motor test stand and panel (15Kv), burnout/bakeout oven, 35,000-pound soft bearing and hard bearing balance machines, and two disassembly stands that can handle up to 9000HP reactor coolant pump motors, both safety and non-safety related.

Veolia provides the decontamination facility, an experienced staff and expertise for handling contaminated components.

When an emergency pump repair arises, Veolia will work around the clock to reduce your comany's down-time. The unique combination of services provided by Veolia and our pump teaming partners, coupled with our facilities' strategic locations, results in a quality product delivered cost-effectively and on-time.

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