Low-Level Radioactive Waste

Expert Low-Level Radioactive Waste and Onsite Services


Veolia’s trained field service personnel can identify and classify radioactive and mixed wastes, including dry active waste, scintillation vials/fluids, solvents, corrosive materials, aqueous liquids, sludges, resins, biological wastes, soils, sealed sources, contaminated lead, metals and equipment.

Our trained professionals are experienced in obtaining approvals for processing and disposing waste at our own facilities and at third-party sites that pass our strict audit program.  Wastes are packaged efficiently and cost effecively, in compliance with all EPA, DOT, State and Waste Acceptance Criteria standards. Manifests and shipping papers are completed and presented for signature prior to shipment. Veolia arranges all transportation and ensures arrival at the selected processing facilities.   


Many on-site service programs are available and can be customized to meet the needs of each individual generator. Among the services offered are: collecting low-level radioactive waste from individual containers; tracking and keeping records of radioactive material in containers, incuding material stored for decay; conducting lab surveys and coordinating waste shipments.

Veolia personnel are available for properly managing incoming package receipts, in accordance with each generator's procedures and surveys, as specified in the company's radioactive materials license. In addition, our experienced radioactive project managers provide training, perform audits, and review procedures and programs to suggest recommendations that ensure total compliance.

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