Answering the environmental challenges of cities, governments, campuses and complexes

Veolia offers the most complete range of environmental solutions and an unrivaled network of experts and best practices.

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The 21st century has brought a new range of environmental challenges to cities, from increased urbanization and climate change to the funding of environmental infrastructure. At the intersection of these issues are energy and water. Veolia’s Municipal & Commercial team is aligned to answer these challenges with 21st century solutions.  We stay close to our local and regional customers while making it easier to access the depth of our technical support.

As the world’s leading provider of environmental solutions to cities and businesses, we blend our skills in operations, engineering and technology with an unrivaled international network to offer a wide range of service delivery models to our clients. Whether we’re reducing our customers’ energy consumption to control costs or helping them meet strict water quality standards, we provide performance and reliability guarantees and measure our work by our customers’ satisfaction.

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We are the world’s leading provider of water services and technologies, providing expertise and solutions to all types of municipal water customers in both urban and rural settings. 

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From managing heating and cooling networks for cities and universities to providing consulting services, we are a leading operator and developer of sustainable, energy-efficient solutions for our clients. 

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